We care for
your loved ones.

“One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value.”

24 hour Frail Care

Huis Verdi provides a wide variety of 24 hour care, offering round-the-clock support for individuals with specialised care needs.

Assisted Living

Huis Verdi provides
Assisted Living Care Packages to ensure individualised care plans for residents' well-being.

Home Care​ for Elderly

Huis Verdi provides
Personalised Elderly Home Care Services at the comfort of your own home.

Home Care​ for Baby​

Huis Verdi provides
Mother and Baby Care for new borns and assistance for mom's at the comfort of your own home.

Our team


Huis Verdi is a family owned business, run by a mother and daughter duo, Estelle Botha and Rochelle Rossouw.  

Here at Huis Verdi we are a family, that forms the foundation of our home, to every resident we serve and regard as our own family. 

We take so much pride and joy in our care home and the environment we created. 

With an incredible team of ladies that care and serve for our residents, with the utmost love, dignity and respect- with our main priority to provide excellent, high quality care. 

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